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Pedestrian Bridge at The Yards Waterfront Park in Washington DC Wins Excellence in Structural Engineering Award

Banker Steel is proud to have fabricated and provided the structural steel framing for the Pedestrian Bridge at The Yards Waterfront Park, which recently won an “Excellence in Structural Engineering” Award in the “Transportation/Bridge project” category at the recent awards gala hosted by the Structural Engineers Association (http://sea-mw.org/).

Engineered by Robert Silman Associates, this 200-foot tied arch structure features built-up steel box chords with an arch depth of 8 feet.  The bottom Chord is 14” in depth, with the deck structure (slab and beams) cast between them to achieve an impression of lightness.  The arches cant inward such that the bridge deck, 18 feet wide at the abutments, tapers to about ten feet at the mid-span.  The canted arches are braced by rings (or “ribs”) of varying radii which create the hourglass form of the bridge.  The rib shapes are a rolled 8” diameter pipe section, reinforced by a series of built-up plates, and fully fixed to the transverse deck girders to provide moment continuity around the completed rings.

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