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AGC of Metro DC

AGC of Metropolitan Washington D.C. congratulates Banker Steel Company for their participation in T.C. Williams High School for Hensel Phelps Construction.

Charlie Whitney

“It is very evident that we selected the right fabrication/erection [company] for this project. In light of all the hardships, I don’t see how we could have improved anything was under our control. [Banker Steel’s] calm demeanor, patience and leadership were very much appreciated on this difficult project.”

Philip Mack

“Banker Steel and its employees displayed professionalism and a teamwork attitude during the course of the project. Because of these efforts, Manhattan Construction Company looks forward to participating in future projects including Banker Steel as a team member.”

Matt Haas

“It was the direct efforts of Banker Steel that made it possible to meet a record setting schedule while maintaining stellar quality and workmanship. As a result, this project has won craftsmanship, design/build and many other national awards and regarded throughout the country as a model design/build project.”

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