When it comes to steel fabrication and erection, everyone says they are 100% committed to safety but few companies take the necessary action to turn these best intentions into reality. At Banker Steel, a commitment to safety is more than just hot air. We ensure the safest shops and jobsites in America through future-facing safety practices implemented through our shop management teams, which ultimately lowers our client’s project risk.

Predictive Modeling Can Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

By focusing on lagging safety indicators, we use our proprietary algorithm to identify future safety hazards. Then we aggressively tackle these hazards head on by:

  • Giving our operational managers the specific tools they need to focus their team members on the most pertinent and actionable safety practices
  • Collecting the historical incident data and combining this with the identified hazards on our customized software, which then reveals the highest safety risks


These safety risks are unique for each one of our shops and jobsites, so each shop and field management team focuses on the most applicable safety risks for their personnel. With this customized practice, safety is approached with personalized, predictive initiatives.